Beta Testers Wanted!

Posted on September 25, 2018

Current Products Corp. is seeking beta sites for it's motorized and automated drapery programs, which includes motorized drapery rods and motorized drapery tracks. These products merge technology and home decor to create integrateable window covering systems that enhance a user's lifestyle and home enjoyment.

The motorized drapery products can be controlled in a variety of ways, allowing users to operate their drapery in the way that makes the most sense to them. These control methods include: 

- Manual. Users can manually move the curtain and, with Smart Assist enabled, users can begin moving the curtain towards open or closed and the curtain will complete the movement.

- Tug Activation. The Tug Activation Unit, or TAU, allows users to perform a simple tug and release to move the curtain. 

- Remote Control. The remote provides the ability to control the unit from the hand-held device. The remote can also be mounted using our magnetized wall plates for easy access.

- Smart Phone Application. The iPhone application (Android coming soon) allows users to move the curtain in real time from the home or remotely, set schedules, create scenes, and add groups. The functionality supplied by the app is unparallelled, and the bridge allows for integration into other existing home automation systems.

- Voice Control. After setup on the Current Products Corp. or Amazon app, Amazon Alexa will recognize device names, allowing users to control units with only their voice.

- Amazon's Alexa App. Our Zigbee track or rod drapery can be controlled directly by Amazon's Echo Plus or other Zigbee hubs, allowing users to integrate directly with third party systems and apps.

- Light and Temperature Sensors. Sensors integrated into the control board can be set to fully automated or semi-automate the drapery based on outside light and temperature near the window. When set in the fully automatic mode, the light sensor will open the drapery when sunrise is detected, and close the blinds when the sun sets. The temperature sensor in fully automatic mode will open the drapery when the temperature near the window reaches 69 degrees Fahrenheit and close the drapery when the temperature reaches 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are no fees associated with beta testing any Current Products Corp. product. However, it is required beta testers provide their own curtain to work with our hardware. If a user already has a curtain, CPC will install the hardware to match the current curtain. In some cases CPC will ask the beta tester to install the hardware in an effort to test the product's installation method and instructions. If you are interested in installing the product yourself, please inform CPC. 

In lieu of payment for Current Products Corp. drapery hardware, we request feedback. As a beta tester, CPC will be asking for feedback on the product periodically through a variety of methods, including phone calls or online surveys. It is expected that beta testers also keep CPC informed with any feedback on the product or user experience as it occurs. CPC will also require access to your home with reasonable warning for measurements, hardware installation, maintenance, and in some cases to take product photographs.

If you are interested in becoming a Current Products Corp. beta site, please download the application below and remit it to [email protected]

Drapery Beta Site Application

Current Products Corp.1995 Hollywood Ave.Pensacola, FL 32505850-435-4994
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