Father's Day Gift Guide to Home Automation 2018

Posted on June 12, 2018

Regardless whether your dad is “into” tech or not, these home automation devices are sure to make his life easier and his father’s day memorable.

Amazon Echo

Alexa has become incredibly important in regards to integration and home automation. She can do far more than tell you what time it is or answer the (important) questions about whether or not you can feed your dog that cherry tomato. While Alexa can accomplish these tasks flawlessly, she also adds voice control ability to home automation devices that would not have voice otherwise. Alexa is a fantastic device for dad, who may want a news briefing in the morning, or the ability to control his lights. Buy the Echo Dot on Amazon for $49.99.

Phillips Hue Bulbs

Phillips Hue Bulbs are light bulbs with the ability to be fully dimmed and illuminated, as well as changed to any color imaginable. They can be controlled via smart phone app or by Alexa, and be set on schedules, grouped together in scenes, and controlled individually. Buy the Phillips Hue Starter Kit on Amazon for $199.99.

Current Products Corp. E-Wand

The E-Wand motorizes the tilt of existing slatted blinds, meaning dad can keep the same blinds in his man cave and still reap the benefits of automation. The E-Wand has integrated light and temperature sensors to enhance privacy at night by closing the blinds when the sun sets, allow in natural light by opening the blinds when the sun rises, and increase energy efficiency by monitoring the temperature near the window and opening and closing the slats accordingly. E-Wands can be grouped together to respond to a command simultaneously, and be paired to the optional remote control for full, customizable control. Buy the E-Wand starter kit on Amazon for $270.00.


While dad may be perfectly content with a mug that states “world’s greatest dad”, his kids aren’t. Show dad how much you care by getting him set up in a world of home automation.

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