How Motorized Window Coverings can Help Save the Earth

Posted on April 19, 2018

Consumers purchase home automation technology for two reasons: to increase security and privacy and to conserve energy. With earth day this weekend, energy conservation through window covering motorization is a topic worth exploring. The main way motorized window coverings can conserve energy is by limiting the runtime of a home or office’s HVAC system through the automated closing and opening of the window covering. When outfitting a home or office with motorized window coverings, there are a few things to consider to maximize energy efficiency, including drapery weight, power options, and sensor features.


Drapery Weight is an important consideration, as heavier fabric blocks out sunlight in the summer and nighttime cold air in the winter better than a sheer or lightweight fabric could. In the winter, during daylight hours, users should be using a lightweight sheer fabric, which maximizes the amount of naturally heating sunlight allowed into the space while still maintaining privacy. However, without sunlight during the winter windows become cold. To prevent the seeping of cold air into the space at night, a heavy curtain should be drawn and block the entire window, effectively trapping cold air at the window. In the summer, especially on warmer days, heavy drapery fabric can stop heat infiltration through the window via gaps and rays of sunlight.


The options consumers have for powering motorized window coverings is another important consideration. Solar powered options with rechargeable batteries are by far the most environmentally friendly options available, while wall plug options are arguably the least efficient. A good middle ground would be a lithium rechargeable battery, like we will be offering with our drapery products, or rechargeable Alkaline batteries users can buy from most stores that are compatible with our E-Wand.


When a device has sensors either integrated or attachable, the window covering is able to make smarter decisions about opening and closing based on light or temperature. The E-Wand has its sensors integrated so when the temperature near the window raises to above approximately 82 degrees it will close the slats and when the temperature near the window reaches below 69 degrees and it senses light outside, the slats will open. We have the device programmed this way for the same reason drapery weight in the summer and winter matters- when it is cold during the day, sunlight can help naturally heat the space, and when it is warm outside, blocking the sunlight allows the HVAC system to work more efficiently.


Motorized window treatments can range from retrofit motors that attach to slatted blinds (like the E-Wand) to fully motorized decorative traversing rods spanning large bay windows or glass doors, but allowing an automated device to control the opening and closing of the window coverings via sensors can increase the energy efficiency of a home and help save the earth.

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