Military Bases are Getting A Smart Makeover

Posted on July 03, 2019

            Today is  the 4th of July, which means it’s time to celebrate our independence, pull out the barbecue, and watch some fireworks! However, this 4th of July, we took a step away from the grill and started thinking about the people and tools that allow us to maintain our independence. We know the military works hard to keep us safe, but we were surprised at the level of smart technology they use in their bases. Since we are in the age of technology this doesn’t come as too much of a shock. We see technological advances being put to use every day, however, the military has always been wary of integrating smart technology due to the fear of hackers.. Despite adaptation being slow, it’s beginning to look like smart military bases are the key to the future success and efficiency of our military! Now, if you’re confused about what a “smart” military base is, don’t worry- we weren’t sure what they meant when we first heard about it too.  According to, a smart base is essentially the integration of technological innovations that improve the performance, efficiency, and convenience of the services and assets on the military base. The goal of smart technology is to improve all activities that happen on the military base. Smart bases not only improve everyday activities, but they’re also cost-efficient and accommodating. states the Army has saved $150 million through its smart energy program, because a smart base can determine the base’s needs based on its numerical capacity. 

             Although smart bases come with a lot of benefits, they are not the best solution for every military base; large and small bases will not need the same technology implemented to garner the same results because they are not run in the  same manner. Two other challenges deal with security and financing. Military bases must be secure because the base has to protect themselves against any type of attacks, including cyber-attacks. Integrating smart technology makes the base more vulnerable to hackers, so bases need to be careful about what technology they implement. Large initial costs are also stopping smart bases from becoming a reality. A solution to the financial problem would be to shift the cost from the government to commercial partnerships.

           Smart bases definitely come with benefits and challenges for our military. Technology makes bases more prone to hacking, but smart technology also makes our military more effective and accurate. Striking a balance between technology implementation, costs, and security is important in moving into the future of military bases in the US and internationally.  

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