Want to be Fully Equipped With High-Tech Extravagance Like Oprah Winfrey?

Posted on June 19, 2019

From a heated driveway in the winter to climate control in the summer, Oprah’s smart house is chock full of high-tech amenities, implemented in such a way to make her time at her Colorado home as enjoyable and easy as possible. According to www.mountainliving.com, Oprah’s “indoor plants can be watered via iPad remote access”; Oprah has access to water her plants even when she’s not home- how neat is that (and necessary for times when she is staying at one of her other four homes)! Mountain Living also states Oprah has “a custom etched and fiber optic lighted glass bridge, which arches over the living room, connecting a master suite with the rest of the home”. Features such as this enhance not only the aesthetic of the space, but serve the purpose of allowing her and any guests to see, without turning on all lights in the evening (check out our blog about the importance of light and your circadian rhythm). For practical purposes, even “in the cold winter months, radiant heat systems keep the driveways ice- and snow- free”, which is a MUST for a house in the mountains. Oprah is an icon easy to look up to, who inspires us to be better; so, if Oprah is inspired by smart home technology, so are we.

Current Products Corp. strives to develop technology that meets Oprah standards, but is accessible to everyone. With our new product “motorized traverse track” about to launch and the “E-wand” already on the market, we will have your house looking and feeling like a celebrity’s smart home in no time.


The E-Wand is an intuitive and innovative solution for motorizing venetian blinds, vertical blinds, or mini-blinds. Utilizing Smart Technology, sensors automate movements to protect privacy and control energy costs in your home or office space. The E-wand is wireless, and can be controlled manually, via twist groups, remote control, or by using the built-in sensors, and it has an amazingly easy setup. The E-Wand is currently on the market and available at www.myewand.com.

Motorized Traverse Track

The motorized drapery track is the premier track drapery solution for homes, offices, and hospitality settings. Not only are there multiple power and control options, but there are multiple options available to make sure the motorized drapery track meets the needs of every customer. These choices include various fascia width and finish options, as well as carrier arm options for both ripple-fold and pleated drapery. Oh, and operation is ultra-quiet! We expect to launch the track in Fall 2019.

The technology currently being developed by Current Products Corp. will set the new standards for window covering motorization, and can bring an Oprah-level lifestyle to any home.

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