Helical Drive Umbrella

A sleek and contemporary shading solution for any outdoor space. Designed for functionality and ease of use, the Helical Drive Umbrella allows for complete outdoor shading control. 

Counterbalanced Design for Easy Operation

The Helical Drive Umbrella uses a simple counterbalanced drive system for easy opening and closing. The design eliminates the need for cranks, rope and pulley systems, as well as pins. To open, simply push up on the counterbalanced canvas assembly until the housing clicks into place. To close, twist the center rod in the opposite direction slightly until the housing releases.

Great for Any Outdoor Space

The Helical Drive Umbrella is extremely versatile. The functionality and ease of use, paired with a sleek and sophisticated design, make the Helical Drive Umbrella the perfect product for residential outdoor spaces, as well as commercial and hospitality outdoor space.

Wide Variety of Avaliable Sizes, Colors, and Accessories

There are three main elements to an outdoor umbrella: rod, canopy, and accessories. We offer rods in a variety of colors to meet the needs of any outdoor space. We offer three standard canopy diameters: 9ft, 10ft, and 11ft. We value quality, so our canopies are made of only the finest proven outdoor fabric, Sunbrella©. We offer a selection of 12 standard Sunbrella© canopy colors, and can have a canopy custom made from any Sunbrella© outdoor fabric on the market.  The Helical Drive Umbrella is compatible with most standard outdoor tables, so it will easily fit into existing outdoor furniture. We also offer a variety of integrated tables at varying heights, diameters, and colors.

Easy to Protect

Every Helical Drive Umbrella comes with a revolutionary canopy cover. On a standard outdoor umbrella, canopy covers are scarcely used due to the difficulty of installing and removing the covers. The canopy covers for the Helical Drive Umbrella have an integrated rod, making it easy to install the cover, extending canopy life.


While opened, the Helical Drive Umbrella is designed to withstand and is tested with winds of up to 40mph.

Lasting Quality

Quality does not cost, it pays. We make all our products, including the Helical Drive Umbrella with the highest quality material and fabric.

Not only does the Helical Drive Umbrella increase the aesthetic of any space, but its functionality allows for anyone to operate, regardless of dexterity, strength, and coordination. It’s ease of use and sleek design make the Helical Drive Umbrella the premier option for residential yards, country club courtyards, outdoor dining spaces at restaurants, and hotels.

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